Setting up an email marketing team? These are the players.

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Email marketing is a marketing tactic that contributes greatly to many organizations’ goals. It’s therefore not surprising that companies wonder how to put together the ultimate email marketing team. This article provides an overview of the players, what tasks they perform and what experience these players need. We are concluding with a profile for the ultimate email marketer.


The manager drafts the email marketing plan. As a basis they use the business or marketing plan of the organization. They will use this to determine the goals for the upcoming year and the action steps to get there.

The manager is also the person who aligns the email marketing plan with the other marketing activities, such as social media campaigns, advertisements, fairs and radio or television advertising. Moreover, the manager directs the team. They keep an eye on the planning and know whether campaigns can be realized or not. And, not unimportant, the manager monitors the budgets and reports the results of campaigns to the management.

These responsibilities are often tasked to the marketing manager of an organization. Depending on the size of the organization or the importance of email marketing for the organization, email manager is a separate role.


Content manager

Once the strategy is determined, there is a need for content. Content is the fuel of every online campaign. The content manager ensures that quality content for these campaigns is produced on time.

To produce the content, they work together with internal and external parties. They commission assignments externally. For example, interviewing customers for testimonials. Internally, they interact with other teams to get input and to get content produced. Often they produce content themselves, but they also edit the content produced by other teams. This is how the content manager ensures the consistency of all the resources.

The content produced is not only used for email marketing. It can also be used in other places within the organization, such as in social media campaigns, the website or advertisements via Google Ads. Cooperation between the content manager and the marketing manager to coordinate everything is therefore of great importance.


The designer develops the style for your email campaigns. They also ensure that the campaigns all have a consistent look. Don’t think of design only as ‘the email template for the newsletter’, because that is only a small part of email marketing. A complete email marketing strategy doesn’t only consist of periodic emails, but also of marketing automation campaigns. An example of such a campaign is a series of emails to welcome new customers. For certain campaigns the designer develops a different style that is still in line with the general style of the emails.

A good designer also knows whether something works in email design. This allows him or her to provide valuable input for testing campaigns. For example, testing different types of buttons to increase conversion.

Design is often outsourced by organizations to advertising agencies. Unfortunately, not all advertising agencies have the necessary knowledge and experience to be of optimal use. If outsourcing is necessary, ask for experience with email design and testing. This will save you a lot of worry and costs, because it takes less of your time. If your organization has its own design department, it will even take less time and this will provide you with more flexibility. You are less dependent and can therefore respond more quickly to current events. If you have the choice, consider developing internal talents.

Email developer

Next, you’ll need someone who can transform the design to working HTML. Please note! HTML for email is not the same as HTML for the web. Email has its own set of rules you have to take into account. Those rules don’t only determine how your emails end up looking in the inbox, but it also determines whether it ends up in the inbox at all.

The email developer is mainly concerned with the technical side of email marketing. He or she makes sure the email is readable without images, but he or she also ensures that the email is not too ‘heavy’. Thereby allowing the email to load quickly on mobile devices and making sure it doesn’t use up too many MB’s of your recipients’ data plan.

Data analyst

Together, the email marketer and marketing manager analyse the results of each email campaign. Consequently, they learn what can be improved. The role of a data analyst is very different. The analyst looks at the bigger picture. He or she analyses longer periods of time and looks for patterns within the data of multiple emails, or he combines data from emails with website data. All with the aim to better serve the customer and to discover opportunities to get even more customers.

You’ll mainly find a data analyst in large organizations that can benefit greatly from data analysis, due to the number of campaigns, customers and the diversity of those customers. If there is no need for a full-time data analyst, but you are in need of an analysis. Hire someone periodically to help you analyse your email marketing data.


Database developer

A successful email marketing campaign often needs data from business systems. Not just data for personalization, but it also requires data from operational systems. For example, data about how your customers use your product, how much they use it and how often they need support.

If this data is only needed once, you use a manual action. But if this kind of data is used regularly, you need to start automating. That’s where you need a developer for. A developer who has knowledge of your operational systems and the email platform you used to send your campaigns. They can build a link between the software and systems you use. Usually someone is hired for that role when an organization needs an automatic link, but sometimes the developer works at the organization itself. Especially in organizations that largely depend on email and data for revenue.


Tips for hiring an email marketer

Not every organization has the above described team in place. Although email is responsible for a fair share of revenue for many organizations, the budget is often very small. Teams are also small or consist of just one person.

That’s why it’s good to know about the above described roles and their corresponding qualities. This will help you manage that one brilliant jack-of-all-trades email marketer, and it indicates how you can best expand your team. If you are looking for that one brilliant email marketer, here is a short profile that you can use as a foundation during your recruitment.

Email marketer profile sketch

If you are going to hire an email marketer, you have to keep in mind that their work is very visible. Ask for some campaigns they have created. What were the results? Which campaign is he or she most proud of? And why? There are two things that will hopefully become clear from your candidate’s answers. Passion and the will to grow. If that’s the case, your candidate will talk about the campaigns they developed at length. If they do it with passion, you are halfway to finding a good candidate.

Furthermore, you are looking for someone with the will to grow. Does the person in question has their numbers in order? A good email marketer knows the statistics of their last campaign by heart and also knows whether it was better or worse than the average statistics. They have also thought about the cause of any deviation. This shows the will to do better and that is a quality you will gladly want to add to your team.

Let 100%EMAIL help you

There may be a few people who can do it all: HTML, understand databases and write texts. But in reality there are a few of those all-rounders. You can hire someone with one particular skill, such as a freelance developer or a content manager. But then you will miss the other skills you also need.

If you don’t want to search for separate disciplines for your team, you can opt for a specialized agency such as 100%EMAIL. We will be your email marketing department. You switch directly with the email marketer. All the other expertises are within reach. It will save you a lot of time, money and frustration. We are email software independent, which means that we can get started with your software immediately.

Do you want to know what we can do for your marketing department?



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