A framework tailored to your organisation

Tailor made solution from strategy to implementation

Are you planning to increase the professionalism of your email marketing? If so, there are two questions you should ask yourself. First of all: how well-developed is your current email marketing? Secondly: what are the most important email marketing elements for success?

Success in email marketing requires thorough planning and strict operational execution. Based on the analysis and your goals, 100%EMAIL will draw up a clear email plan. After this, we will work in close collaboration with your email marketeer to achieve all your email marketing goals.

Our continuous all-round improvement process works as follows:

Based on an initial analysis, we will draw up an email plan that supports your vision for the future. Next, we will collaborate with you to achieve your goals. In this process, we will always keep a close eye on your current email marketing activities to see how they can be improved.

All the results of email campaigns and completed projects, as well as the insights obtained by our email marketeer, will serve as input for next year’s plans. A loop that will bring you ever closer to achieving email marketing success.

Getting started with the 100%EMAIL process

Do you think that this model could help your organisation get more out of email marketing? We will be happy to give you more information about this during an personal consultation.

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