Is this your marketingteam?

Do you recognise your marketing team in this description?

You work at an ambitious company at which professional marketing is a goal. Ambitious goals keep your company on course. However, not everything is always running smoothly. A great deal of work has still to be done, particularly in the field of marketing. Developing a new brochure, maintaining the website, advertising via Google Adwords or Facebook, social media posts – and don’t forget the annual trade fairs and events! That is a lot of work. Of course, one of your ambitions is email marketing. However, for some reason you are not achieving the success in email marketing you hoped for. There is always a lack of time, a lack of knowledge and a lack of in-house expertise.


If it is, our approach is perfectly suited to your company!

100%EMAIL is your email department, but only when you need it. We feel that we are more than just an agency. We see ourselves as an extension of your organisation.

This feeling is reflected in our comprehensive package of services. Services provided precisely as we ourselves would want them. Without complicated intermediary layers such as account managers. Every client is assigned a personal email marketeer with whom they enjoy direct contact. The colleague that you have been missing for years, but is now part of your organisation! Depending on your wishes, your email marketeer can work on-site at your office, from our office or a combination of both, supported by the specialists at the 100%EMAIL Studio.


Your new colleague will handle the following tasks

Your new colleague will take plenty of work off your hands straight away.

Making sure that that email campaign will be sent out just in time for that important trade fair? “No problem.” Cleaning up your database so that you can finally segment between prospects and clients? “Consider it done.” Setting up a link between your email marketing software and your CRM software? “I’ve done that before. I’ll get started straight away!”

Is this new colleague really capable of everything? No, even the email marketeers of 100%EMAIL are only people. They can do a lot, but not everything. Fortunately, we found a solution for this.

Your new colleague is not alone

Your new email marketeer works in close consultation with the 100%EMAILStudio. What is that? The 100%EMAIL Studio is a group of intelligent email marketing experts that are capable of performing highly specific email marketing tasks.

From creating new designs and responsive templates to linking CRM systems, the specialists in our studio have a wide range of expertise at their fingertips. And you can make use of all this expertise, without having to pay full-time wages for it. This is one of the greatest benefits of working with 100%EMAIL.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? And there is even more! Of course, staff alone is not enough to reach the highest level in email marketing. You need more than that.

Your new colleague in email marketing does more than perform tasks

When our email marketeer starts working for you, he or she will do more than simply perform tasks. We will take a close look at the ambitions of your organisation, your present systems, your staff and the processes that are – and aren’t – in order.

After this, your email marketing colleague will quickly gain an accurate impression of the possibilities and challenges. Taking your ambitions as a point of departure, we will engage our strategists: people with many years of experience in the profession of email marketing, and who know exactly how to get from Point A to Point B.

They will offer a clear perspective for your organisation.

An email plan oriented towards the future

Using a very practical approach, the strategists at 100%EMAIL have been helping companies for many years to develop a targeted path towards the future. Not through lengthy team-building sessions, but by getting together with you and your team for only a few hours to analyse what suits
– and doesn’t suit – your organisation.

After a meeting like this, they will combine the knowledge available at your organisation with their own experience and develop an email plan. A plan with clear milestones for concrete growth in email marketing, every year. An email plan that incorporates all your ambitions. Practically drawn up and feasible.

I want an email department like this too!

Are you thinking: “an email department like this would be perfect for my organisation”? If you are, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to see how our team can help you achieve better results in email marketing.